Warren Paulus

Securing infrastructure and user behaviour for computational biomedical research

Warren Paulus, the Information System Security Officer of SIB will give a talk on the upcoming secure infrastructure (BioMedIT) of SPHN, giving insights on but not limited to:

  • how users have securely access to sensitive data
  • how interaction between projects can be avoided;
  • technology used
  • explain each environments inside this infrastructure and how they interact together
  • federated access

Short CV

Warren is the Information System Security Officer at the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB). He is responsible for the Information Security including technical and non-technical projects at SIB and across several of its IT infrastructures. He holds a Master of Science in Industrial Engineer. Before joining SIB, he worked as Consultant for multinational companies during 4 years. After work, he always tries to improve his skills as an autodidact.